Chaos Cathedrals

by Tin Spurs

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released March 8, 2017

Written, recorded and engineered by Tyler Jet Binkley.



all rights reserved


Tin Spurs Portland, Oregon

The most tangible relatability to spirituality is the realization that we all rely on the people in our lives for every facet of life.

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Track Name: Lie and then Let it Down
You know when they lie to you they're supposed to let you down.

I'd hate to be the man who wakes up to be living his own damnation.
So I get by with simple lies, the kind that slip the knife from the unity.

Cuz I'd hate to lay down and wake up in the same old dream.
But I hear it's easy for you to stuck wearing those boots.

But there's gotta be someone who doesn't know the rules,
Someone like me another fool.
One who isn't playing it cool,
and just wants to live the short time he's got.
Cuz I hate the way I lay down to stand up in the same dream.

but I know that if theirs anyone that i call a friend I'd slap him in his face and I'd tell his that he's getting too wrapped up in his own rat race it's time to face, well face yourself no one else can hold you accountable for your reflection.
Track Name: Sweet Love
little baby you got that sweet love,
that righteous love,
that "i know i can trust you" love;
and you know I don't even think about it anymore my love for you darling just grows.

You have got that sweet love.
Any time I see you and you don't see me I just stop and stare like I'm not there,
because you've got that sweet love,
that righteous love,
that "don't need" love; but you've got it anyway.

I want to take your love and I wanna feed myself..
Gonna take your love and I'm gonna feed myself..

Anyway, your love should be given away because you don't need it you selfish, heartless unfathomable bitch! you've got that sweet love and I'm gonna take all of it!
Track Name: Butts, Nervous Horses and Existentialism in the Last Century
Keep your hands and arms inside the tram, car at all times and keep them of all my shit too!! (Spoken) This here is the wildest ride in the west.

I think he stretched out his time
stretched across to the corners.
and over my ears and my eyes, because I can hear them laugh
Cuz I'm a big joke,
Cause I won't be enough to just me to keep me laughing out here.
Welcome back to this desert island town and there is not enough smiling at the sun.
and please be kind because one day we will all be smashed together falling towards the center and I don't want to be that close to you and hate you as we're all burning in the middle of it too.
Track Name: Chaos Fold
I've been fighting me much longer than I've been fighting you boy.
Ive been fighting me longer than I've been fighting you.
These tin spurs is gonna lose.
Ive been fighting me longer than I've been fighting you boy
Track Name: Eros Assassin
You are the awful kind.
Finds the time to crawl behind enemy lines.
To open hearts.

you're a spy, you've built your house on pawns that I once championed and you built it on the foundation.

It was my unfortified heart.

Weakened by the sob story you gave me when
I let you into my life.

You challenged trust and you won for both of us!
And now neither of us will find peace of mind.

you are the awful kind.
Finds the time to crawl behind enemy lines.

You're a spy
You're a spy
You're a spider and your web is thicker than my blood.
Track Name: Without a Warning
Without a warning before the bell chimed three.
You shot me through the heart while I looked into your gaze.

And without warning before the clock struck five
You coddled me in your arms and brought to life.

And without warning before the clock struck nine
I was fine, I was fine.
Track Name: Dont lead, Dont follow And Dont Get Out of the Way
Don't lead,
Don't follow
Don't get out of the way

I need you to face some of the problems
you make, before they break me.

Don't lead,
Don't follow
Don't get out of the way

Care but don't get carried away.
Track Name: Chaos Cathedrals
I've spent a long time searching for the perfect time