Crisis Entertainment

by Tin Spurs

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I tried to ensite melody through repetition of chaotic non-sequential guitar interleys on this album as much as possible. The feeling is as the title depicts, Crisis Entertainment.
Best shown on the third track lady neptune.


released April 18, 2017

Written, recorded and engineered by Tyler Jet Binkley.



all rights reserved


Tin Spurs Portland, Oregon

The most tangible relatability to spirituality is the realization that we all rely on the people in our lives for every facet of life.

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Track Name: A Difficult Need (it's personal)
The movement of a hand over your chest to feel your heart beat.
What a terrible mess I've made of everything.
This thought only makes it beat faster.
The movement of your feet on pavement quickening.
Running away is the only response now.
This pain you feel is temporary like every pain,
But this pain is reoccurring and its cycle is longevic.
To you and only you.
Track Name: Sacred Animal
A sacred animal
That binds you to nature.
That binds us to the earth.
That binds us to life and death.
A sacred animal
What is yours
What is mine
Is it love
A sacred animal
Track Name: Lady Neptune
As if a shroad of darkness covered her in the night.
She walks amongst the beasts and animals never to turn a curious sight.
Her eye always low to the ground never fail she was a special kind.
Not that of a nervous or combative mind those were the purest type.
And as soon as she came you left into the night always into the night.

Lady Neptune how beautiful you are.
You appear from out the sea foam.
Lady Neptune. Sweet lady Neptune I adore you.
I adore you. I adore you. I adore you.
Track Name: Piggy Burn
Turning a blind eye on inconsistencies; is so easy
To accept a dream if its played for you every night.
Don't be lazy and wake up to see the piggy burn. Watch the piggy burn. Burn away, away, today.

Its so easy to ignore the simple pleasures.
When your mind is set on r
Some romantic soul that will never come anyplace but dreams.
(But the) Piggy burns.
Track Name: Ischemia
Its never gonna be a new day
Its never gonna be a new day.
Never a new day.
Never a new day.
Never a new day.
It won't be. No new. No new.
No day. No new day.
Track Name: Misery and a journey inside
You know its a crime stealing time. So many moments snuck away on another plain.
At least you're not in jail.
The minutes are stale, they pull like a snail.

1000 days
1000 days
1000 days

1000 days
1000 days
1000 days

1000 days
1000 days
1000 days

Life. No Love is like condensation now on the outside of the glass.
So close you can nearly feel it but still still 1000 more days.
1 day I will be free from these bindings we share. You and me together change to return to you happily free, one more day.
Track Name: "Disaster'll happen to yuh"
Disaster is gonna happen to you.
If you don't stop messing around
Disaster is gonna happen to you
if you don't stop kicking me around
Oh baby a disaster is gonna happen to ya if
You don't stop leaning on my shoulder while I'm crying.
Nononononononononononono stop it