by Tin Spurs

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Dirdibidi is a album symbolic of my romantic and childish side eager to run the streets of any city to meet a beautiful friend or a stranger needing help.


released November 27, 2016

All songs written recorded and engineered by Tyler Jet Binkley.



all rights reserved


Tin Spurs Portland, Oregon

The most tangible relatability to spirituality is the realization that we all rely on the people in our lives for every facet of life.

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Track Name: the vain love the hopeless
The vain love the hopeless.
The vain love the hopeless.
They try to change you with your insecurities.
They can never win just don't let them in.
The vain love the hopeless.
The vain love the hopeless.
The vain love the hopeless.
The vain love the hopeless.
Track Name: Regeneration; of the Individual from the Singularity
No Lyrics
Track Name: dirdibirdi
Another night, another day; what this city makes?
I don't want to make anything seem great anymore.
I'm tired of showing you the beauty of a single mistake.

Show us.

This passing has freedom in a worthless moment when stuck in a glance intoxicated by your beauty admiring your beauty and sharing this moment is more caring than any imaginable created by its simplicity and by the truth within our sharing this moment and is only silence, scarring desperation.
Track Name: marry the masked
When I ask you for the same thoughts that would comfort
your heart,
spoken from your heart?
I don't want you to pretend to change your love to suit my bending.
That wouldn't be right of me to ask you.
You know that I ask just because I like to feel like you would recognize when I need to hear it, but I'd rather blame you for getting in the way emotionally anyway.
You're wrong!
You're wrong!
I need someone real!
Someone real!
Someone real!
Someone real!
Track Name: the onion growls
We are mixing up our sweat.
My love it don't pay the rent.
You've given me more time than I have ever given anyone
twice as nice as me and probably twice as good looking.
So what's it gonna be?
You know I don't believe tying me up to your bed is gonna set you free.
Busy mixing up our sweat again.
Busy mixing up our sweat again in my mouth.
Spit in my mouth.
Spit in my mouth.
This taste's like an onion, growl.
Mixing up our spit again.
Taste like an onion, growl.
Track Name: your own medicine
A taste of your own medicine.
A taste of your own medicine.
The same place that you left us in.
Well what did you think I was going to do?
Prove to you that you didn't make a mistake?
Just like you would do?
Just like you do?
Just like you the taste of your own medicine.
Still, what is it to change me?
Would it change you undoubtedly?

It's because of the same love you have to give to your self.
You have to give yourself a taste of your own medicine.
A taste of your own medicine.
A taste of your own medicine.
Kept me in and held me up.
Hold me in kept me up.
Fill your cup, be your friend.
Help you up, still feeling for you.
Track Name: like dying animals
Like a door locked from the other side.
When you isolate yourself you take control of your hell.
Your hell, your hell's inside you if you don't communicate your life,
Locked inside if you isolate, isolate, isolate yourself.
To communicate, communicate, communicate it's unwelcome here.
What is it like inside your own life?
How do you know what's true or truly a lie.
If you can't communicate then it's a dream; you're locked inside your own life.
And to communicate, communicate, communicate it's unwelcome here.
Track Name: dripping with digital testimony
I always see you in my elevator.
If I asked you to marry me, would you?
I almost forgot to remember this song for me.
Nothing's spending my time like my memories of you anymore.
But you'll never hear it, because I can't find you anywhere else;
just locked away in my elevator.
When I get up there to see you I'll remember this song's for me.
You'll never hear it.
Track Name: hiki (hi kie)
No lyrics, album introduction song.
Track Name: pilot
Could it be you're the same girl that would smile like
you were always going where you wanted to,
Doing what you wanted to.
Being the life you wanted.
How did that all go away?

Could it be that I wasn't born to fly?