by Tin Spurs

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Thank you for the sex, lies and videotapes but especially the sex could have dealt without the lies and the videotapes are fun. Come be real with me now I deserve it and we can do it like we are friends. To quote Marc Bolan:

"Diamond in the rough. If I could have grown upon my own, own, own. If I could have grown I grew if I could have grew I do. If I had a throne you could call it home. If I cry my tears are yours to open any frozen doors. hey lets do it like we're friends; lets do it, do it. Lets do it like we're friends."

Dont restart our world on a false note with a basis of regret and absence; my future is a magnetic future of friends, family, harmony and grace and I see you there too.


released April 2, 2017

Written, recorded and engineered by Tyler Jet Binkley.



all rights reserved


Tin Spurs Portland, Oregon

The most tangible relatability to spirituality is the realization that we all rely on the people in our lives for every facet of life.

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Track Name: Slickers Scorn when Daidalos Mourns
The feathers on your wings are made of wax;
like Ikarus, the closer you get to love the faster they'll melt.

So I tie my head around a crown that I made of daisies
I plucked from the ground just because they were found.

I'd much rather drown than know that you were lying
when you said that you loved me

The flight of Ikarus.
Fly with Ikarus he knows the danger of love
Track Name: Hemlock
(no lyrics)
Track Name: Uncomfortably Close to your Heart
When you went left and I went right.
Did you think you would be rid of me that easy
Just because the cops said to, oh no.
Did you think that night we could find a bed to sleep in
So we just roamed all night
That I'd leave then
Or when you said come back please cone back please I will remain

Uncomfortably close to your heart

I'm a nightmare that won't leave you
I won't let you be
I'll remain

Uncomfortably close to your heart
Track Name: A Cock for Asclepius
It's darker know that I am more angry.
Hemlock served to a righteous man by his own students.
Socrates, before the last beat of his heart he said
don't forget to "bring a cock to Asclepius... don't forget to pay this debt."
It's important to pay your debts, so important to pay your debts.

A Cock for Asclepius.
Track Name: Fractures
No I do care,

but I don't want to be viewed
with your obscure mind.

I need time.

Then take time,

My mind is fine.

So fine.
So fine.

Said alright,
take time. if you need some time.

Here's when it fractures,
Sometimes it takes me a long time to see the world with my mind.
It's fine when I'm "unublind", so fine.
to see the world in my mind you have to be "unblind"

Track Name: Sisy·phen tor·ture
The day when Sisyphus woke up on top of the mountain
And the bolder was already there.
The same morning Prometheus awoke to being released
And the terror of the vulture was only memory.
What if we were to use the talents we have to our progression
And stop punishing them for their deceit
After all it has been a great while since Atlas has taken a seat
Dreaming of better days, it's time to improve

Once we accept that we should all improve,
then we will improve

We did improve, we did improve.

Once we accept that we should all improve,
then we will improve

We did improve, we did improve.

Once you want it look inside yourself
and see exactly where you're going to.

Make the best you to be you
Make the best you to be comfortable to.

Track Name: Power to the Righteous, from the Righteous: for the People that Need It
There's gonna be another voice inside your heart besides yours.
There's gonna be another voice you hear in your head besides mine.

I loved you
it guides who you are like you do.
The power of prayer is true.
Some people say it's God but maybe it's us.
And maybe that's God and maybe we are good.
I'm glad to meet you God
I'm glad to meet you God, today.

Believe in yourself again...
Build your heaven here, now...
Track Name: Gravity Heavy
Gravity is heavy around you.
Gravity pulls all around you.
It seems I'm floating whenever I'm not near you.
Gravity is heavy around you.

Gravity is heavy around you.

Your gravity cacoons me and time slips by
When I think of you.

Gravity is heavy around you.