by Tin Spurs



released July 29, 2017



all rights reserved


Tin Spurs Portland, Oregon

The most tangible relatability to spirituality is the realization that we all rely on the people in our lives for every facet of life.

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Track Name: 1000 Years
One thousand years.
One thousand years is the amount of time we have to realize we shouldn't conceal our fears from each other.
Each time we find that it's better to cry than it is to lie.
One thiusand years is the time it take for us to collectively realize that something needs to change.
One thousand years.
If we spent one thousand years go make it it will take one thousand years to break it.
Track Name: Highway Credit
Well I guess it's another day so I'll pick up what I left when I left it all.
Don't you suppose I could if it was another day.
Because I've been getting so sick of today.
Another day, another day nothing much to say.

Believe me if I could change it I would know just what to do.
I never planned it because i never got the chance to see it through but the second it comes too I'll know what to do.
Track Name: Imposter
(Reversed rambles)
I've a dark confession to make to you.
Well I've already figured it'll make you blue.

I am greatful to you i hope it shows I am greatful for you.
I am greatful that's true.
I don't mean to alarm but I don't have no love left and I don't want you to feel blue.
I have got to give, give it to you.
I keep it under the stairs with the old bazooka noe gum that tastes like chalk, the Christmas socks and.....
Track Name: Off the Cuff Comments
It takes a fare amount of justice to keep the system workimg.
It takes a fare amount of sacrifice to keep the system moving.
But in our heads we are the oil that makes the engine go.
Because at the center of every galaxy a super massive black hole that stretches every point of infinity into inches or inches into infinity it's about improvising.
Track Name: Brutus
It's been so nice getting to know you, it's been so nice getting to care about the world built up around you and if you were going anywhere.
Well life around you seemed of beauty and the love you had was never greedy and you showed you cared, you showed you care everywhere.
It's been so nice getting to show you my world and my dreams.
I'm really glad that I got the chance to know you, you know it means everything to me.
It's been so nice getting to know you.
It's been so nice getting to hold you.
You're not alone.
We're not alone.