by Tin Spurs

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Skin deep laugh at the free spirit of the self that is often times mislead,, misunderstood and/or misguided.


released May 24, 2017

Written, recorded and engineered by Tyler Jet Binkley.



all rights reserved


Tin Spurs Portland, Oregon

The most tangible relatability to spirituality is the realization that we all rely on the people in our lives for every facet of life.

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Track Name: Kirby K Jerking
well i woke up today to hear the same damn noises.
It's Kirby K jerking it to the sound of whorse's.
what a sick fuck.
you know I hear it's drugs.

well what else did that Kirby K do with his life?
I hear he spit at old ladies and carried around a bowie knife.
I heard he burnt down churches and yelled to damn near anyone who would hear:
How lousey they are and how everyone else was living in fear.
Oh Kirby K! Kirby K don't you wanna change?
Don't you wanna change Kirby K!?
Kirby K.
The ballad of Kirby K.
Track Name: Past Came Around
Good old boy has been calling you.
You told him you had someone new.
Of course I know that had been a lie.
You were hiding from your pasts black-eyes.
Running away wasn't far enough.
seems like fate has called your bluff.
Run pretty thing, run fast.
He has chased you to the end at last.

Go on and cry, and cry there's no shame.
We all started under a different name.
No one here ain't got such a pritty past.
But you'll cry in vain because only you can protect your ass.
coming and a going don't make no difference to me,
It's just for this information there comes a fee.
No baby past that door you won't find no charity but sooner be blinded; by the lack of humanity.
so you might as well close your eyes and pretend that you can't see,
feel or love anything real.
Track Name: The good, the bad and the ugly
well is it ok not to help someone who is requesting help
do they need to beg, do they need to beg you with
high justifications
high justifications
Track Name: Palmtrees Abound
Boys have their guitars
Girls have their boys

Fucking and getting high and playing with noise.
I died in Cack, Cack, California
Where the sun is gold.
Palm Trees Abound

Everything is worn away and burnt like me
I miss you and was it all worth now what you know
Palm Trees Abound
Track Name: Firm
what's a fire without a flame?
who's to inspire if they don't have a name?
Track Name: Airheart
You took my best days and you gave me shame.
Oh well I'm here standing in the morning light and I see what's going on here.

Ohh forget the hate and the being all alone,
no I'm happy it's come because I'll give you anything forever,
you don't need to talk about them no.
I'll drive right past them without any light.
Track Name: Desperado
Cómo Se Dice en Espanol "the one who's left alone?"
Track Name: Disgrace
How many heart aches to get to the center of your lollipop?
How many head aches will it be until you stop?
How many reasons do you need to turn a blind eye to me?
Why can't we look the other way?
Why can't we look the other way?
How many nights at the top?
How many nights when you flop out?
How many days living dreams?
How many?
How many?
How many nights will it be until we say goodnight?
Why can't we look the other way?
Why can't we look the other way?
Why can't you look the other way?
Look the other way, look the other way, look the other way......
Track Name: Dissolves
When did you decide to dissolve me by my inadequacies.
When was this a choice?
Track Name: Abolone
The boy named Anacapa.
He doesnt need to go to the cafe, no need to
sustain himself like every other boy.

He is tough like the ghost of disaster but he means no harm.

The boy named Anacapa.
I never thought it would be this hard to say goodbye.
Track Name: Good Don't
Don't sleep on the streets in the aftermath of your last great relations.
Don't take more time than that is necessary to bury that Kodak roll of you two fucking.
It would please everybody and it would please everyone.
Don't sleep on the streets on the aftermath of your last planned destruction
Come all the way down with me.
Come all the way down into the sea of discontent and disillusionment
Don't sleep on the streets in the aftermath of your last great relationship.
Dance a little with me before you shake it all off.
Dance with me.