Picture your Shadow on the Sidewalk

by Tin Spurs

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Tin Spurs is a musical project by Tyler Jet Binkley and "Picture Your Shadow on the Sidewalk" is an album I wrote over a two year period all over the United States of America as an American experiencing the drama of exile as I traveled and lived obscurely only to survive on the compassion of others and their interests in me and what my feelings meant to them. As an emotional defense mechanism during this time of need I disassociated my personal integrity while maintaining the illusion of personal extravagance in a seemingly desperate time. I studied the reactions of individuals around me only if they deemed it necessary to impose onto me in my life verbally or otherwise; even those that obstinately ignored me I would inquire then move on to seek other options. Emotional motivation aside I recorded and engineered this album on several cellphones and the free apps that google play store offered from 2015 to 2016. I used one classical acoustic and one ES335 type Kent Electric Guitar without amplification, an old community piano and apple garageband drum tracks to create this album. There is only the digital version of this album available I have no physical copies for sale.


released September 16, 2016

All songs written, recorded and performed by Tyler Jet BInkley.

Free Apps used to create this album:
FourTracks Lite - NomadicWhales.com
Music Studio Lite - Xewton GmbH
Audio Converter - The AppGuru

A personal thank you to:
Patrick Walters, Brent and Veronica Binkley, Margot Landry, Dean Lowrey, Kayden McClure, Tyler Joshua Raymond, Jesse Lee Tarli, Niel "Waldo" Allen, Corey Czerwinsky, Cameron and his dog, California, Oregon and anyone that supported my sustenance and shelter during the production of this album. I love and regard all of you as truly wonderful and loving people. To everyone that believes in my artistic endeavors I owe you my thanks as well, life is not worth living alone: that is the overall message of this album.



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Tin Spurs Portland, Oregon

The most tangible relatability to spirituality is the realization that we all rely on the people in our lives for every facet of life.

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Track Name: This Love
Every time I pick up my phone all I want to see is your name.
They say this love is going to kill me or drive me insane.
When I ask, Where does your mind go. You don't answer.
You know I know where it goes
it goes right out the door
with your heart and soul
and your body seems to float
And this love is going to kill me or drive me insane.
Track Name: Call it "The Suburb Blues"
Baby I have been stuck up on that same old lie
that's been the same old lie
so many nights and many days seem to go by in the same drunken haze
oh I've been wasting my time
eating up that same old lie everybody wants to feed me
because they feel so uneasy being around me
feel it in my heartbeat
you know it just sitting there next to me
miss you I feel lonely 'cuz I miss you
so damn much
Baby are you feeling the same way
well I've had enough I want your love!

I want your lust, oh baby baby

Track Name: Born Under a Desperate Star
It's getting near the first day of spring
and they're saying it's gonna be a hot one
and I'm on another one of my walks
Passionately waiting on you now
but I can't sit too long patiently.
I can't see myself maintaining this for too long
Is there any news, any feelings?
If I was by your side would you help me hold on
to the shadows that cling to you as you face the sun.
I thought not.
If I can forget my care like you do could I improve
because i need to improve everywhere
I could use a solid hold anywhere
that might make it easier on me.
Is this song being sung in such vain,
is that any mystery?
Track Name: Mariana's in my Memory
where have you been since Mariana?
I haven't heard you play that Mariachi.
have you been smoking meth with your daughters?
you've been looking so grungy!

taking it way down where the sun don't shine,
the leaves are brown and you cry all the time.

where have I seen you before?
you're looking at me like I'm some dirty whore!
did you expect to see something cleaner?
you're looking at me so meanly!

taking it way down where the sun don't shine,
the leaves are brown and you cry all the time.
Track Name: Call it "The City Blues"
anything I had of my own
well I owed it to you
cuz you gave it to me
gave me everything and nothing
because I loved you

now my baby is blue cuz I loved you
don't need you, you mean nothing

so here's a great big fuck you
you'll have to deny me too!

who are you?

no I didn't mean to intrude
on you.

turn love to hate?
no i think I'd rather masturbate
Track Name: Cracked and Empty Hourglass
you left us here
it's cold and wet outside
and I can't dry my eyes
can see the end of my rope, please.

but this time it seems
I don't have a memory
Track Name: Picture your Shadow on the Sidewalk
Person walking home thinks: It isn't easy saying goodnight.
Person walking home says: Goodnight.

Homeless person thinks: They just stop and stare like you've always been there without a home. When they look at you like a plant..
Homeless person says: .. like ivy on the sidewalk.
Person walking home thinks: They look at you like you're nothing and everything.

Isn't that true just like you do?

Then there,
that should help me along my way

you helped,
when you trust enough to love and leave yourself exposed

You made it this far you can't back down now!
Track Name: Take Them by Way of the Storm
I thought I got the kind of love
the kind that makes you say
"what the fuck?! I've got you!"
It doesn't look like you recognize my love,
I just want to see you love
That's all that I could want to give or take
Because life is more than just mistakes,
to see you smile and realize what I've got
no one left/I've got you and I've got soul
that's what keeps me alive.

what if I shown you
just because you have to love who you are.

makes sense that's the way you are.

there's nothing I can say to you?

nothing that's stopping you.

I can't buy your love any more.
Track Name: Sorry Soul Like You
Oh I was thinking about you
I've got too many feelings
Their all shelved down there too
and I don't want to fight myself
Because I've heard you say

"It's true the best of you is gone,
it's true the relative things are lost."

There's nothing I can do but fight only myself.
Can't you see, can't you see what you've done to me.
My heart beats lonely.
I've got to face this everyday.


You say, "it's too late,"

But somehow deep down beneath all the shit buried,
up beats my heart, stronger than before.
Well I couldn't care less about a sorry soul like you.
But I believe I wished you the best that life could afford a piece of shit like you.
A piece of shit like you.
Track Name: You're a Gift in This Time
Reality a mess
Memories are missing and white
I'm feeling tired and simple
and the waves come to hold me up.

Its not cold on my body.
Its not like any craving.
But your better off dead,
Than if I'd take time to see you.
Taste, touch, any sense I feel time.
No machine to say what you should believe.
It feels like spite under efficiency.
It was all just a dream. All a dream.
Track Name: Liar, March on
I'm dying in part because my hearts breaking on you,
But I've come here to tell you that its not gonna be just okay.
You can go or stop that's what to be a human being is but,
don't believe any lies, especially the one's your heart tells you-

There don't need to be a day when your heart breaks, I promise,
You know I know you don't know.
Look into your heart and that's the day you won't be alone;
you won't get tossed into the river and skip like the echoes and a stone.
It just takes longer to see than it does to show.
(Phone rings)