Retro Virus

by Tin Spurs

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This album is just an over-amplified mess of a gratuitously repetitious poem that I wrote:

They love to watch you.
They love to seek your attention.
They love to forget the blood in you.
They deny brothers now;

apparently that's funny to them...

...until they are silent.

TRT: 4 years and counting.
By Tyler Jet Binkley
Digital Art Piece Weaved from Personal Experience.


released March 29, 2017

Written, recorded and engineered by Tyler Jet Binkley.



all rights reserved


Tin Spurs Portland, Oregon

The most tangible relatability to spirituality is the realization that we all rely on the people in our lives for every facet of life.

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Track Name: The Sign and 20 Years of Shit
There's a sign on her wall.
It reads "get out of here."
She hasn't changed it in 20 years.
She has a sign in her office.
Its been there for 20 years to remind you its her way or the highway.
For 20 long years she never changed that sign..
It says "beware gun owner forget the dog."
No she hasn't changed for 20 years.
She'll make you feel and drive you away, she makes you fear and drives me away.
She won't change me no I am stubborn all the same.

Don't turn them away.
Track Name: Coming back for You
There's a light on across the alley.
Its coming from your window.
You've been waiting for me.
I am coming back
and I won't be turning away I'm coming
Back for you.
Back for you.
Back for you.

Well I remember telling you I had something I needed to get done.

It was the hardest thing I've ever done.
You told me you wanted me to stay and I looked back and smiled.
I smiled and I said I'd come back for you.

I swore and I swear I am.
I am.
I have.
Track Name: The Big Bad Wolf
I got a secret to tell you.
Underneath the cherry blossom tree.
No moon, no moon.
It involves the two two of us I sold my car for money for the bus.
Or shoes to walk through the snow
to your grandmother's house.
I'm the big bad wolf and you're looking pretty.
There's no moon tonight so I'll be looking for a fight.

I want it as bad as me.
Track Name: Engulf
How do you spend your days.
Whats the next coming craze for you and your friends.
You wanna watch a man lose his mind.
It's quite sensitive and& it's juicy.
You might call him sick i n the head,
but who is sicker in retrospect & engulfing you in reason.
That's the point of view without compassion.
Engulfed in your nonsense for no good reason at all,
Track Name: Daddy's Candy
Take all your fancy cloths back.
Return them for credit.

And donate (the credit) it to the hopeless

Take your favorite bracelet and give it to your best friend.

Its better that way.
Its better that way,
because in this game you'll lose it.

Treat yourself with due respect and push them out,
because you won't get any of it.

Disturb it,
and erase it,
before it erases you..

Love it,
don't leave it.

don't need that abuse..

Oh I had one of those a while back myself;
her name was Candy, or umm yeah, it was Candy.
She was constant source of my happiness.
You know.
Track Name: Doomsday Paraded Demons Dripping Honey From Their Wings
Has everything ever fallen from your grasp.
From trusting others not trusting of you.
Because you'll know what's more important after you lose it.
Let's talk about how you're like a hurricane to me.
Not much more to find to disagree on.
Losing all but your skin will bend you to the view of compassion.

Track Name: The Host
My dream has died, yep.
Crossed to speak your heart but its in frustration of your worth in love.
From a perspective, what's the objective for their view.
They left you there to forgive that they left you there to forget you.....

(lamentations of the exiled and his description of his shame in exile)

Not a dream.
Not a dream.
Not a dream.

Do not forget:
Judge yourself.
Track Name: Slickers