Ripoff, Ripoff

by Tin Spurs

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This album is my most loatheful self-pitying nightmare that is spawned from all the worst aspects of a mirror. My desire to leave is stronger than my desire to live.
-Truly Tin Spurs,
Openning a can of worms and eating every last bite.


released February 12, 2017

Written, recorded and engineered by Tyler Jet Binkley.



all rights reserved


Tin Spurs Portland, Oregon

The most tangible relatability to spirituality is the realization that we all rely on the people in our lives for every facet of life.

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Track Name: Division
Diving into this mercky water.
My dreams proceed me.
My dreams proceed me.

Drifting off to sleep with you
with my head in my hands
and holding your fingers
Your fingers again and again
And again

Hold on tighter in this mercky water
My dreams proceed me
My dreams proceed me.

Never against me you remember everything,
anyway don't fight it this time accept it .
Believe in me but don't fool yourself
in to not communicating exactly what you need
and how you feel.

How you feel.
How you feel.
My dreams proceed me
in my perceiving it seems to inspire some changing illusion.

Never against your own heart.
Next time I'll break easy just remind me I'm being sleepy.
Track Name: Come Down
You'd pour the coffee I'll take a sip.
Wake me up and pull me out of it.
You hold my hand while the house burns down.
I know its not your fault smoking cigarettes in the house.

Come down.
Come down.
Come down.

I watched the flames consume every memory and every acquisition that made me hold position.
1Well I couldn't be happierthat habits gone its gone.

Come down.
Come down.
Come down.

Down with it.
Burning is the closest thing we'll get to sanctity.
Track Name: A Confidence in Coincidence
Pour another glass of wine.
Have another cigarette.
I hope this time you don't regret the long day you spent doing nothing again.
Its for your own good.
You know you gotta take it easy.
The feelings that have been pushing you around.

Simple is best for you you don't wanna get too moved.
You wanna be able to understand the feelings that have been pushing you around.
pushing you around.

How was your day?
Another day of doing nothing.
Its what's best for you.
Understand pushing you around!
Track Name: Twist pt. one
Pass it on to someone who can help you.
Because I am gone.
Already gone.
Already gone.

And it won't be long until you're gone too.

And seeing my head in the sand
makes me get sick of the shit I've been hearing and seeing and if I can't change it then I believe in leaving.
Track Name: Enriched Milk
I want you to be with me when I discover this hell we're in heaven all along.

There is some time I might need you to cover my eyes.
I may not be stronger enough.
I need you to be there when I see light.
This has been heaven all along.

My heart has been through the wringer.
My heart has pumped deception too long.
I need you here. I need you here. I need you here.
Track Name: Declined
You're just the prettiest thing I ever did see.
I knew I had some trouble with keeping you around.
Because I knew once I had you I'd never put you down.
But you're not the kind of girl to cage.
Still I hold on to your flaming wings and I got burned.
I got burned.

Your just the worst person I have ever met.
You can be so kind but regret the feelings I should have
But I'm speechless and you never reach out to me but owe yeah.
Your wings are on fire and you'll pierce your talons right through me.
My heart isn't strong but its filled with desire.
Track Name: I don't believe
Remembering that I said. "Why does it have to be for love?"
Track Name: The Haste
There's a stick that's on my shoulder burning has replaced were it used to be.
I no intention in my dreams to make a statement much bolder but in respect I admired sanctity.
Being held to the same by some disillusioned, tactful haste.
And still my dreams are truly the only thing.
But in balence to harmony I feel the gift I was given was tranquility.
The time has come to give back the moment and set it free eternally.
You want a heart that is perseverant.
Be free.
Track Name: Twist pt. two
I've been gone for so long and it won't be long until you're gone too.
Track Name: making a living feeding the dogs
I've been howling.
I've been hurting.
I've been hearing.
I've been healing something I've heard before.
The sound of the jealous one.
The sounds of control.
The sounds of control.
The movement of greedy souls
Stirring the heart that breaks the mold.

I've been healing.