vampire campfire

by Tin Spurs

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I have been living like a social vampire under illusions and a less remarkable and much smaller amount of delusions. This is my best attempt at saving face for my experiences here in the recent now. Standing nearer to the campfire allows you to see better those who don't fear it only the animals howl from the distance. Vampire Campfire.
Tin Spurs


released May 9, 2017

Written, recorded and engineered by Tyler Jet Binkley.



all rights reserved


Tin Spurs Portland, Oregon

The most tangible relatability to spirituality is the realization that we all rely on the people in our lives for every facet of life.

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Track Name: Honesty
Gonna build up my focus.
I'm through waisting my time.
Gonna accept my faults.
Gonna accept my crimes.
If you do it too.
Gonna silence the sadness.
I'm through with shame.
If you hold me to it,
I will hold you to the same.

The key to hell,
shame is the key to hell.
Track Name: The mouth of fury
Self-righteous, beautiful, and furious!
Furious! Furious!
You have no place here
when fear replaces reason.
Fear replacing reason.
Furious! Furious we!
Track Name: Decided Curse
You're made of roses.
Your hair smells like the petals,
Sweet like rose petals.
I want you,
I wanna have you,
Wanna keep you,

For ever and ever and ever.
For ever and ever and ever.

You look so good
You look so fine
I am gonna make you
I'm gonna make you love it.
And nothings gonna change until I get it!
Track Name: Stand
I'm gonna run around these streets in the sunlight.
And in the moonlight I'm gonna burn it down.
Burn it down.
You give me anything but solice.
Well I'm gonna take my solace,
I need my solace!
In going to burn it down.
Burn it down.
Down, down, down.
Like sadum and gamora;
I pray that God he see through my eyes.
And hear what I hear daily.
They took my soul and sold it from under me.
So God fill me with yours and see what life is daily for me.
I took a stand against a social hypocrisy.
I'm gonna burn it down.
Down, down, down.
Track Name: Memoir of a social civilisation
I found your extra silver.
I went down it to the pawn store,
And I got myself a meal,
Looked into some new wheels.
I'm going to drive, drive, drive my heart ache away.
I'm going to drive, drive, drive until I see a brand new day.
Will I, will I, will I, will i, Will I.
I'm going to stake a claim
That I'm just a man who never played no game.
Never made no demands no.
Just wanted to get out of the cold.
Will I, will I?
Going to drive myself into a brand new day.
Will I find you there?
Track Name: For my mom
Thank you mother for everyone I love in my life.
Thank you for the stars that shine.
Thank you for the sun that's bright;
and its warm when its been so cold inside.

Mother I owe my entire life to you,
Without you there is no me.

Everything that's good in my life I owe to you.
Mother I care.
I care.
Track Name: Promised
Pull me into the fire to show me the meaning of desire.
Can you promise me you'll be there to comfort me?
Can you hold me like you used to do
when I was three feet shorter.

Been uncomfortable
been out looking for life.
I've been looking for life.
Its so much harder than I remember.

Gonna piece it together with promises.

Can you hold me like you used to when I was small?
Track Name: Vampire Campfire
Gonna slow my blood flow.
My hearts been pumping too much frustration.
These frustrating pedestrians by my window seem to know me.
But I'm sure its me looking for answers on the wind.
Looking for answers on the wind.
Let me in!
Let me in!
Did I turn over, did I neglect to understand
why these pedestrians at my window know me.
Track Name: Thank you
You've been working your whole life on me
And I want you to know I'm fine.
I do wish others would understand
How happy I am to be not just a self-made man.
I had you there with me and the things that you taught me.
Yeah you were with me for most of my life.
Yeah I had you there for most all my life.