Blinded by Hope

by Tin Spurs

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The second album I compiled from a single 30 or more track album I created originally posting to soundcloud over several years while travelling across the United States of America, my home country. I used only free apps on several cellphones to record and engineer songs that I wrote regarding my experiences and relationships. Blinded by Hope is a compilation of my songs that exemplify the mirroring of my hopeful expectations in love that reflected from my feelings outward then returned to me as negativity from the outside world.
Thank you for your attention and any appreciation as well as suggestions and/or questions are welcomed and very much appreciated by myself.


released September 17, 2016

All songs written, engineered and recorded by Tyler Jet Binkley. Special thanks to solice, recollection and the perseverance of love and to my friends and family especially those that assisted me with shelter and sustainense: Patrick Walters, Brent and Veronica Binkley, Dean Lowrey, Kayden McClure, Neil "waldo moonman" Allen, Tyler Joshua Raymond, Jesse Lee Tarli, anyone else who supported and supports my artistic prowess and continuation.



all rights reserved


Tin Spurs Portland, Oregon

The most tangible relatability to spirituality is the realization that we all rely on the people in our lives for every facet of life.

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Track Name: For your Considerations
Little miss daisy chain,
I said you're fucking insane.
But I do believe its fair in sensing things,
But you were just the closest thing to chew.
Little miss daisy chain,
Your hairs a mess.
I never made your bed.
I got you wound up, then soul fed.
When the storm starts to blow you go:
Ohh, uh ohh, oh uh ohh!
Lies, lies!
Oh uh oh, oh uh oh!
Track Name: Ride Along Home
Ride along home
Ride it on home
Its been days
Since I've seen your face
Ride along home
Ride it on home
Track Name: Learning how to knock on wood
Baby I never meant to treat you wrong
Is there anything to prove to me
I know there ain't none I can you.
Baby I'm scattered in the light
I don't have no stage fright.
I know you feel alone
Cuz its been too long since you let me sing my song
I know your a patient in my song
I know your vagrant in your heart
Well you know only one of us has to play dull
No it won't take long to claim the other half
You don't have to leave.
You don't have to walk away.
Baby i never meant to leave you
You know I was always there.
Baby i never meant to deceive you
You know I always cared.
I just had to move on with my life.
I know You've heard that once or twice
but this time its true.
But I will always love you.
Track Name: Lonely Sunday's Echoes
Another Sunday and my voice is all alone.
These four walls don't move very far.
And the echoes touch my face as I remember you
Its like you touch my face.
I wish I could have another life.
Where I would change your mind.
The loss of you has tied me to the ground
and my memories are these prison walls.
But at least I can have them hold me.
Track Name: Lost in the Sky
I'm so high that I'm lost in the sky again.
I'm so high I'm lost in the sky again.
The sky again.
My heart fell to the ground.
Through the ground all the way down to hell
and through to the other side.
Where everyone has the same memory
And its one that ties me to depravity.
Luckily my body still glides way up in the sky,
It's safer there.
Its just my heart that wasn't spared.
I don't mean to say you don't care,
That would be inhumane.
Still your excuse is hey your insane flying kid,
You're insane jetboy.
Track Name: Numb Goodbye
Can this river come and wash away our shelter
Your vetted and I'm a has been
So what is it gonna do for this
lonely boy
The river love its lonely boys
Wish you would answer
So I can say you're right and go leaving on home
We're both sore
And we don't want to go on
Talking shit about one and the other while we're both
losing our best friend.
Track Name: Slowdiver
Its not me you see.
I'm a traveler and that's what I must be
Let me design for you this scene.

You're there including me in your dreams.
What is real is what I want to be my reality.
You don't care that its killing me
it would be right to set me free
And let me be
Track Name: The Queen of Jealousy Presides
Seeing you in this light makes me recant the way I've assumed. Your tears wash my thoughts in a way, away;
I would take them back, I believe them all, your thoughts?

I see you:
Every day is like the other.
Every night you strive to find another.
When I see you standing there in the arms of another man.
Oh oh oh
I feel like I might die.

I'll make you feel nasty and degrade all of the things you might feel or say.
And I'll steal everything you might make and I'll spit in your face.
Then I will become the one thing for you that is real.
Track Name: You Owe Us Nothin'
Taking out the trash.
Nothing on my list.
Everybody over me taking a piss.
Learned to hate these days.
Alone running around.
Everyone loving some small craze.
But me in stuck.
In a similair malaise.
Nothing but time running late.
Simple rhyme to diminish
Baby you're a disgrace.
Can you leave me be.
I'm laying on my face.
No morphine isn't gonna numb my shame.
Its good to see you again.

You say, "No way, you can't never leave."

I haven't seen that look on your face for 1000 days.
I know I should look more ashamed but honestly its good to see your face.
Track Name: The Night of the Fall
It was cold in my room the night when the clock stopped
tic-toking away the pointless hours of the day.

And it tic-toked as time went.
It made me feel alright when,
I saw the days were getting shorter all the time.

And this would mark the time that
All the calculators would cry out their one known song;
They'd cry it all night long

And it tic-toked the time went.
It made me feel alright when,
I saw that the days were getting shorter all the time.