naked again

by Tin Spurs



The emotionally amplified, spiritualized and sympathetic sequel to NAKED. In regards to forgiving myself and others whom took advantage of me situationally in regards to the emotional, spiritual and empathetic dispositions I held in the past.

Tomorrow is beautiful and the beauty in life is inescapable it finds you and you become it.

Keep listening to those you call your family and keep talking too.

special shout to those strong hearts remember you support those stronger minds!


released June 4, 2017

Written, recorded and engineered by Tyler Jet Binkley



all rights reserved


Tin Spurs Portland, Oregon

The most tangible relatability to spirituality is the realization that we all rely on the people in our lives for every facet of life.

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Track Name: Curmudgeon
Guide my hand you ancient curmudgeon.
Guide my hand you ancient sore.
Guide my hand make me please you.
Guide my hand you ancient curmudgeon.
Absolve my mind let me rest for now.
Guide my hand you ancient curmudgeon.

This ghost,
that sits on my shoulders weighs me down.
The soul of a clown
Impressed on me; intentionally, undeservedlly
Consequentially, redemption, redemption.

Pour over me, make me cool and clean.
Make me believe in yeah.
Track Name: Lord Frankenstein Party of Three
How can it be that you are so close to me
and yet you hold me from the truth.
What I needed to know to set me free.
And if you are really that close to me
wouldnt you know the words I needed to hear?
Wouldnt you know the things I needed to have coroborated
so I could escape this state of perpetual indulgence to be free.

State of perpetual indulgence to access my freedom.
To access my heart again?
To access my control of care, my drive, my shame?

My greed is to blame.
Its all the same its all identical to what it was when it was before.
What it was before when I had my own.
My own.
My own.
My own.
When I had my own home.
When I had my home.

State of perpetual indulgence.
State of perpetual indulgence.
Track Name: Me to You
No I don't wanna go right now,
I've been floating on my 'lack of a feeling'
for some time now.
I've got as comfortable as sea foam on wet sand;
popping with every second.
Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.

Just don't forgive me if you plan to forget me.
Cuz I wanna be a human being and I wanna sing,
even though I have got a mediocre voice and a lot of shit to say.

Hey there beautiful I'm talking to you.
Hey there wonderful, I mean you.
Hey there lovely I love loving you.
Don't you, don't you too, don't you, too.
Track Name: Juridical
You're the man who kept the light on for me.
You're the one who kept the light on for me.
Even when it was all dark and the creatures embarked a cross the seas.
You kept the light on for me.
And the signals in the sky looked like fires on high.
You're the one who kept the light on,
Keep the light on for me.
Please, keep the light on.
I'm waiting for you, waiting for me.
I'll keep you in my heart and here with me.
Track Name: Compassion Impression Intention
Infamy in vain is your fate.
Without a face.
Without a name.
(Reversed vocals sounding like the former)

Absolved into my vacant dreams in this world
The two of us will never grow together.
Never tangibly next to one another.
Never together.
Near the black suns.
For those blinded to force this greed on me.
They all missed me entirely behind their meanings of me.
Me and my mirror may not be guilty and may not believe..
This time please please me.
Please please me, make it my reality, please please me this time.
It would mean everything to me.
Everything, everything.
Track Name: Ladder's song
Danger buzzing around your hair.
The carrion men who walk today.
The dead they're walking risen from their graves.
Danger, danger endless danger.
Remember what you taught a stranger.
In the form of a ghost or in some manger .
Danger, Danger everywhere.
A memory of when you were a child and everything seemed so new.
Danger, danger everywhere.
Danger, Danger everywhere.
Paranoid your enemy if they stand for your Nemesis.
Danger , danger everywhere.