Important to you then, Impartial to it now

by Tin Spurs

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This album is my more spiritual album regarding my personal journey through the harder emotional aspects neglecting and being neglected, displacing myself and being displaced, and understanding myself and expressing myself. Ultimately leading to "important to me then, impartial to it now" as life like the progression of my albums move on and forward.


released February 17, 2017

Written, recorded and engineered by Tyler Jet Binkley.



all rights reserved


Tin Spurs Portland, Oregon

The most tangible relatability to spirituality is the realization that we all rely on the people in our lives for every facet of life.

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Track Name: Go ahead and say hi
Go on say "hi" to me.
I've been missing the way things used to be.

Go on say "no"
"no" to me.
I've been keeping,
I've been cheating.
I've been losing myself to me.

I am not aligned with perfect;
perfectly distorted,

but I'll be anything for you.

I know what it's like,
everybody needs to get free
from time to time.

Go on and say "bye" to me.
I am still alive.
I will be there for you
when you turn around and need a friend.

that will never end.
Track Name: Comme ce-comme ca
nothing bad no nothing terribly good,
no nothing is like it seems it should.
Some people want to see a car crash on TV?
I disagree, that's not lazy.
It's crazy.
It's crazy, crazy.
But what are you gonna do?
It's not like I write... like I write the news.
I'm dodging knives from you,
dodging knives on stage.
I am dodging knives on stage.
dodging knives on stage.

Some people wanna dodge,
dodge the knife.
Some people want true love.
Some people wanna try.
Some people wanna try.
Track Name: Jack is acidic
He makes old ladies feel sick.

His skin is kinda yellow,
his names Jack and he's acidic.

Let's watch him think,
let's watch him sink.
Let's watch him try and tie his shoe.

Oh Jack, you're such an ass.

Oh Jack, you're acidic.

So sit down and pretend you're zucchini;
you might get a government check.

You'd be a government snack if you were dipped in

Jack I remember when you won the spelling bee.
The word was acidic.
Track Name: Try
No lyrics on this track
Track Name: Such a bore
hold out your sweaty palms;
I need your warm touch.
I wanna lick the nervousness out of your hands.
Off your hands.

I have never been so flattered in my life.
If I didn't know any better I'd say that:
you deserve to be my wife.
No one moves at my pace anyway.
I never worry that I'll lose my place any more,
so much that this topic is now such a bore.

Hold out your sweaty palms,
I want to use them for their warmth.
I can't feel the sun anymore.

what does it matter,
from now on I will not pay mind of it.
Track Name: Come to
And at the beginning of my memory
I saw these eyes gazing back at me.
Something I'll never forget was the way they looked at me;
so stabilizing, so dark and brown, these eyes staring through me.
I felt lite like a feather pushed along on your breeze,
taking me home.
Do you find me in this open mindscape with the pumping of my blood through my heart that it's impossible to lead me to you to ask you to come too.
I've been waiting for you,
Come too.
Come too.
Come too.
Track Name: The Unhurt Ninny
(A bunch of random words and simple broken sentences including:
on my side,
it's a waste to me,
Track Name: Try, Try
I'm not sure the ingredient I am in your recipe.
Though I've been noticing it's starting to smell funny,
I think someone better turn it down it's too much hot
I'm starting to brown.
Or I'm gonna be burnt,
burnt to a crisp.

It's days like this we all lose.
and the thunder comes rolling down and it shakes the ground.

But I never tasted anything as delicious as you and me.

I hope this time that the baker is rooting for me.
Track Name: Sunset: July 4th,2016
No written lyrics.
Track Name: You Were My Alamo
Hold back your smile because this is serious.
I've been holding on to you in my heart
somethings missing. And I know that the hole
is only gonna grow until you come back.
And I've been spending all my hours into the past.
I know I'm blinding myself
but its an image of you that's blinding me
so I feel alright starring at it.